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Fiminox Group of companies has developed a outdoor/indoor mechanical curtain wall fixing systems.

This system is useful and necessary and necessary if you intends to realize a surface protection and / or decoration opaque applied, as stratification more external, to the walls of a building
The ventilated façade is a particular perimetric type of coating of the walls which provides the application, on the outer surface of the building, the panels of appropriate thickness, not strictly adhering to the structure, but separated by a gap in which the air provides natural circulation due to the convective motion produced by the presence of openings arranged at the base and top of the façade.

Our curtain wall fixing system is composed by fixing accessories to which is bound a structure for attachment of the covering elements.

The structure is composed by accessories developed from us and realized according to the loads to be supported.

Following to design needs we project the proper/customized fixing system. In fact our system is very versatile and adaptable to any design requirements.

The curtain wall system is made of Stainless Steel grade Aisi 304/Aisi 316 and composed by elements that could be adjusted in lateral and longitudinal, in order to fix the aluminum structure in the proper way, speeding up the installation and a relevant cost saving
The sub-structure is made of aluminum profiles (T6060) square section to which can be fixed all types of protective and decorative coating on the market as stone materials, ceramic, metal, fiber cement, wood, etc..

We suggest moreover, according to architects, a brand new coating system